Allianz offers application support for businesses that have adopted SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS computing models on a 24/7/365 basis. We also offer web and mobile application support to a wide range of businesses and they have reaped a plethora of benefits. Our goal is to empower your business to surge ahead of competitors by lowering costs, reduced risk, and improved ROI.

Take a look at our application support offerings that cater to the growing demands of diverse business requirements.

SaaS Support

As modern technologies continue to invade the IT world, gone are the days where companies developed, maintained and upgraded their own software in their enterprise infrastructure. With the evolution of Software as a Service implementation (SaaS), companies now have the privilege to access and use remotely hosted software over a network. SaaS system model has eliminated the need to buy and install expensive enterprise applications, instead, companies have to pay to use it.

Companies offering SaaS solutions as a service face customer service challenges. Outsourcing customer service and support functions ensure that the companies steadily balance customer support which is crucial for business growth. As a quality-driven SaaS support service provider, Allianz offers compelling customer support at all hours. We hold a pool of expert software specialists who can tackle the simple to complex issues that arise and fix them in the best possible way. Our expanded client base across the world makes us one of the reliable outsourced SaaS customer support providers to businesses in diverse domains.

How Do We Handle SaaS Support?

To make sure that the end-users get most out of the product, SaaS business models are bound to offer round-the-clock support. Amid growing business operations and responsibilities, many businesses fail to tackle customer service operations effectively as it requires a separate team, time and budget. But efficient customer support plays a crucial part in the success of a business and hence, the majority of the businesses consider outsourcing the customer service. Being a renowned SaaS support provider we are proficient in offering fully scalable customer support solutions that assist in accelerating business growth. Our team of experts will be ready round-the-clock to tackle even the most complex issues and ensure that your customers are taken care of in the most desirable manner.

It is obvious that thousands of your users reach you continuously for seeking assistance in case of typical software user issues. In such cases, our support team provides white label support by coordinating with the customers and carrying out necessary troubleshooting steps based on the instructions you provide us.

Take a look at how we handle SaaS support

Allianz customer service experts serve your users in the right way by integrating with top CRM platforms. Once the user makes a support request, we promptly respond to the issue and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved, we document the whole event and you get a report that will help you analyze your customer activity, their feedback and find out how to upgrade your product.

Why Allianz For SaaS Support?

  • Allianz holds proven expertise in handling simple to the most complex software issues for diverse business domains
  • To offer assistance to your customers right away, we offer round the clock customer service
  • Leveraging latest technologies and tools we are committed to finding the best solutions in a swift of time
  • We offer fully scalable support solutions that meet your budget
  • Our ability to perceive the client’s requirements guarantees customer satisfaction which in turn drives new customers and increased revenue for your business

PaaS Support

With the growing technological advancements, PaaS strengthens the rationale for adopting cloud computing by driving business agility. PaaS cloud computing model offers customers a complete platform including infrastructure and middleware components to develop, run, and manage business applications. They eliminate the need for building and maintaining on-premise infrastructure. PaaS provides diverse new capabilities by offering an integrated environment for the complete app lifecycle, including building, testing, deploying and management.

Even though the majority of businesses have adopted the PaaS platform, growing businesses fail to have a well-thought strategy when it comes to application support. This leads to improper functioning of critical applications disrupting the proper functioning of the business.

How Can Allianz Help?

To ensure the smooth functioning of business, Allianz offers application support for diverse business domains that are using PaaS computing models. Our support offerings are customized according to our client’s business needs and are aligned with the client’s business objectives. While our clients focus on application development and deployment, Allianz efficiently takes care of troubleshooting architecture, security, optimization, and other technically challenging issues.

Our application support services for PaaS platform ranges as follows

Business Benefits

IaaS Support

infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a type of cloud service model that allows businesses to shift some or all of the on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, where it is owned and managed by a cloud provider. Businesses of any size are allowed to consume services like compute, storage, and databases from a cloud provider. Businesses no longer need to purchase and manage on-premise equipment, and cost shifts to “pay only for what you use”.

Moving to the IaaS cloud model alone doesn’t bring considerable benefits to the business. Staying there and continuing to function optimally is equally important to drive business profits. To attain the desired results, applications need to be constantly monitored and tuned.

Our Solutions

Allianz’s IaaS application support services offer you with a seamless cloud application experience. We work with you to maximize the utilization of your service and enable you to achieve a significant return on your IT investment. Incorporating excellence in support services, our technical experts are available 24 x 7 to ensure that your goals are met on time.

The following are Allianz’s IaaS application support offerings

Test and Development

Our team helps in bringing new applications to market faster by scaling up dev-test environments up and down.

Storage, Backup, and Recovery

Our team can effectively handle unpredictable demand and steadily growing storage requirements. We are also experts in the planning and management of backup and recovery systems.

Web Apps

We assist organizations to swiftly deploy web apps on IaaS. As the demand for the apps is unpredictable, we assist in scaling infrastructure up and down.


Our support team assists in scaling web applications, setting up testing ecosystems. We also perform experiments with new applications to unleash the potential of your enterprise accurately.

Resource Allocation

Our team of experts offers adequate support to free up resources and allocate them appropriately.

Smart Deployment

Our support team assists in scaling web applications, setting up testing ecosystems. We also perform experiments with new applications to unleash the potential of your enterprise accurately.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Irrespective of workload intensity, we help to achieve high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery.


We ensure that your business applications will perform optimally and are highly secured.

Why Avail Support From Allianz?