Quality assurance and testing are essential components of software applications and should be implemented from the start. Allianz provides a broad range of software testing services to assist our clients in meeting their quality assurance objectives.

We have a dedicated team of quality assurance experts who manage the testing workflows and ensure the proper operation of processes and workflows. Our high-quality testing services are dedicated to customer satisfaction and focus on robust application functionality with enhanced security. At each stage of your product development lifecycle, we implement appropriate software testing methodologies and applications. Our QA experts use integrated testing strategies and best practises to reduce risks and improve time to market, maximising your company’s ROI.

Our Software Testing Approach

Flow process quality assurance

Our software testing process is comprised of refined steps that begin with the analysis of business and project requirements and progress to the modelling of test case designs, implementation, execution, and reporting. We ensure that the final product meets quality standards, has an error-free user experience, and runs smoothly.

Allianz’s Software Testing capabilities

  • Top-tier software testing service provider with a talented and experienced team of quality assurance professionals.

  • We are capable of dealing with complex software testing solutions due to our extensive QA knowledge.

  • Our dedicated QA team tests, assesses risks, and makes recommendations at each stage to ensure the end product is bug-free, optimised, and highly productive.

  • Quality standards are strictly adhered to by our testing methodologies.