Managed IT Services

We help you focus on building and growing your business, so that we can grow with you!

This means staying ahead of the competition. You cannot afford costly downtime caused by network errors, updates, slow running computers, or compliance requirements.

We are here to manage your entire IT ecosystem for you.




Managed Security Services

From ransomware attacks, to repeated data breaches. Cyber security has become one of the most critical aspects for any business today.

When you face an attack, you don’t just lose some files or information, but also credibility with your customers – which is priceless.

We provide a proactive approach to cyber security through remote monitoring and a multi-layer security protecting your business from all online threats.

While businesses are potential targets for unscrupulous outside entities, threats are not always outside the ‘trusted network’. Cyber security is not just limited to firewalls and anti-malware software but extends to education and training of everyone accessing your IT infrastructure and applications, and is strengthened by establishing and enforcing zero-trust policies across the organisation.

File Sharing, Data Backup & Insurance

                                            “Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby

Today, when you lose data, you don’t just lose some files or information, but also money… and more importantly, credibility with your customers.

Whether you want to manage secure file sharing across your organisation, or need a reliable data backup solution, we are here for you.

Our solutions come tailored to match your needs and help you to control your data securely and provide access to only the people you wish to share your data with.

Data sync and backup solutions range from server to end-point and from on-premise to cloud based.

And what’s more… we don’t just provide a backup and recovery solution, but also data insurance, just in case things go south. This helps safeguard you against any contractual liabilities, regulatory penalties, judicial proceeding or fines.